Ganga Kaveri Seeds
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Research & Development

The goal of our research is to provide farmers with precisely those varieties that meet their operational needs in conventional farming. We offer seeds that is adapted to the climate and soil conditions of various regions in the world, which in turn offers increased yield, reduces expenditure and increase the profitability to formers.


To achieve our goals, we are ought to conduct more intensive research team activities. It takes up years for a new variety to be approved and to be made available to the market. Every year we invest huge amount of our revenue in R&D projects, to facilitate yield improvement and greater success every year.

Research Activities

Ganga Kaveri conducts extensive Research activities to develop world class top-notch products to gain the trust of the farmer communities. The R&D activities
are majorly conducted upon:
• Wheat
• Pulses (sorghum, pearl millet and maize)
• Fats (sunflower and mustard),
• Fibre (cotton and jute),
• Other Crops
Maize, Sorghum and Sudan grass were researched during Phase I (1984-92), pearl
millet, sunflower, cotton were added during Phase II (1993-98). Hybrids and mustards were added during Phase III (1999 onwards). Currently, work is in progress for GK’s upcoming hybrid mustard and wheat.

Research Center

Our main research activities occur at the Medchal, Ravalkol and Kodakandla sites. These are about 400 acres of farms that are fully provided with farm and irrigation equipment, cold and dry storage facilities and other essential office facilities/commodities.